I attribute essentially all my success to the very large amount of chocolate that I consume. Personally I feel that milk chocolate makes you stupid… dark chocolate is the way to go. It’s one thing if you want a medicine or chemistry Nobel Prize but if you want a physics Nobel Prize it pretty much has got to be dark chocolate.

[But when More or Less contacted him to elaborate on this comment, he changed his tune.]

I deeply regret the rash remarks I made to the media. We scientists should strive to maintain objective neutrality and refrain from declaring our affiliation either with milk chocolate or with dark chocolate. Now I ask that the media kindly respect my family’s privacy in this difficult time.


Eric Cornell (Nobel Prize winner 2001 (physics) - as quoted in ‘Does Chocolate Make You Clever?' on the BBC News site.

…See, I wasn’t just yammering when I suggested that chocolate was a cognitive enhancer  ;p